Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finishing the job...

Getting the height corrector leak returns into the new rubber piece.

Hooking up the tank. from left to right: Return from the Y, suspension returns, pedalo return and height corrector leak returns.

Cut out the bulge for new rubber hose.

A common problem: The radiator hose rubs on the hydraulic line of the rack. At some point the line will leak. This one was close.

I've just glued a piece of rubber with some gasket sealer.

The owner complained about gas smell...

Ready to fill the system with the hydraulic fluid.

... Not green but works as well as LHM.

The placement of the regulator turned out to be right.

A little trick to align the hood: use a socket to hold the latch opened.

... And a gauge filler on the left side.

Apparently finished, but when I was about to tuck away the rubber hoses under the car, here what happened...

The Y broke and I had a hydraulic fluid shampoo!

The small line is very fragile, so instead of changing the part with an original, I use T's readily available at Home Depot. This will last for ever. For an "original" restoration I would have use the appropriate part of course.

After driving the car for a while, the leak returns of the height correctors started to leak. I just removed the fender and shields and replaced the rubber connection with a smaller diameter hose.

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