Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brackets for main accumulator relocation

Worked on the main accumulator relocation.
These dimensions of the hole spacing are for a 1966 D (The last relocation I did), so it doesn't match the bracket for a 1967. I have posted this photo for future reference. Also, this apply to a manual gear box. The main challenge is to get the regulator and sphere between the air duct for the right caliper and the air duct going to the radiator. Also the sphere has to be close to the front cross-member with enough space to be able to remove the sphere for repair. Unfortunately there is not enough space to remove the brake pads without loosing up the assembly (The pads don't ware that fast, so no big deal as far as I'm concerned).

The dimensions of the flat plates are good for a 1966 and earlier brackets. I had to cut the long one to fit the newer bracket.

This is to reinforce the brackets and avoid any vibrations.

It is now painted and drying...

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