Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Front suspension cylinders, dampers and balls.

Started on the front right quarter...

I blew air on the suspension return from the back.

Now the back and front connections of the returns are buttoned up. Since it is a 1967, the rubber is supposed to be compatible for LHS and LHM.

The balls on the front suspensions were really rusted.

Tried to clean them but changed them with new ones (9/16" (14.28mm) hard chrome ball grade 100)

Some of the holes in the shock absorbers were clogged. Also, this configuration is before 1963; may be the sphere were change at an earlier stage but the shock absorbers were not updated. I put them back together with the new configuration (Only 2 washers).

The left side is finished.

The rod on the left side was damaged. Thanks to Dremel, I've ground and polished the end of the rod.

Left cylinder now in place.

Started to reconnect the lines on the left side.

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